Table of Contents

Indicators of Fraud

Application Fraud

Injury Fraud

Medical Fraud

Property Fraud

Vehicle PD Fraud

Vehicle Theft Fraud

Investigative Guides

Anti-Fraud Program Guide

Catastrophe Claim Guide

EUO and Statement Guide

Injury Guide

Insurance Fraud Encyclopedia

Property Claim Guide

Property Fires Investigative Guide

Questionable Claims Program Guide

Staged Accident Investigative Guide

Vehicle Fire Investigative Guide

Vehicle Theft Investigative Guide

FraudSmart Courses

Application Fraud

Arson for Profit

Auto Physical Damage Fraud

Boat Theft and Fraud

Casualty Fraud

Catastrophe Fraud

Commercial Claims First 10 Minutes

CPT Codes

Direct Repair Body Shop Fraud

Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

Hail Damage Fraud

Heavy Equipment Theft and Fraud

Identifying Fraudulently Altered & Stolen Vehicles

Identifying "Questionable" Mold Claims

Identity Theft and Insurance Fraud

Insurance Fraud Prevention Briefing for Management

Internal Fraud

Introduction to Commercial Fraud

Introduction to Insurance Fraud

List and Mist Claims

Listening Skills Part 1

Listening Skills Part 2

Medical/Legal Aspects of Bodily Injury Claims

Money Laundering and the Insurance Industry

Motorcycle Theft and Fraud

Mysterious Disappearance Claims

NICB Overview

Opportunities for Insurance Fraud from Application to Policy

Organized Fraud Activity Groups

Pedestrian Staged Accidents

PIP Claims and Insurance Fraud

Premium Fraud in the Workers' Compensation Market

Preparing a Case for Prosecution

Presentation Basics

Property Fraud

Questionable Claims Submission

Rate Evasion

Slip and Fall Claims

Sport Compact Vehicle Fraud - Illegal Street Racing

Staged Vehicle Accidents

Vehicle Arson Involving Insurance Fraud

Vehicle Inspection 101 for Insurance Agents

Vehicle Theft and Fraud

Workers' Compensation Fraud

Writing Skills

TrueStory Case Studies

Caused Accidents – Great White North

Caused Accidents – Life in the Fast Lane

Caused Accidents – Where's a Cab

Commercial (Auto Physical Damage) – The Great Commercial P.O. Box Round Up

Fraudulent Structural Homeowner's Claim – Tree-Mendous

Hit While Parked – Old Folks

Medical Clinic – Medical Mishap

Medical Clinic – Scanners to Scammers

Medical Mill – No Pain – No Gain

Property Claim Fraud – Not Too Smooth

Slip and Fall – Tag Team

Staged Accident – Crash and Buy

Staged Accident – Dumpsters, Trees and Poles Oh My!

Stolen Motorcycle and Electronics – Lost and Found

Stolen Scheduled Property – Georgia Peach

True Story Templates – Create Your Own Case Studies

Vehicle Theft – TN vs VA

Water Damage – One Too Many

Workers Compensation – Flipping Burgers

Workers Compensation – Wright to Wrong

Anti-Fraud Puzzles


Crossword - Items in a Fraudulent Claim

Crossword - Motives for Fraud

Cryptogram - Bad Claims

Cryptogram - Trust But Verify

Word Search - Organized Fraud

Word Search - Schemes


Crossword - Fraud Terms

Crossword - Providers

Cryptogram - A Different Type of Treatment

Cryptogram - Separating the Parts

Word Search - Billing Fraud

Word Search - Diagnostic Testing


Crossword - Hit While Parked

Crossword - Street Racer

Cryptogram - Neatly Robbed

Cryptogram - Vehicle Policy Fraud

Word Search - Owner Give Up

Word Search - Theft Terms

Other Items Available

Accident & Fraud Prevention Checklist & Towing Guide

Anti-Insurance Crime Training Guide

Indicators of Potential Deception

Interactive Indicator Guide


2018 Passenger Vehicle Identification Manual

NICB Fraud Trivia

NICB Fraudster Poster

NICB Medical Fraud Scheme Guide

State Mandated Training Guide

State Mandated Fraud Warnings

Vehicle Identification Inspection Guide

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